About Us

What is TheShiznit.co.uk?
We're a movies website that's been running for about five years now, albeit mostly under the radar. The site started off as a hobby, slowly started getting traffic after we knocked off some Top 10 lists and gradually grew into something worth spending a little more time running. TheShiznit.co.uk is run out of London and is updated by a small but dedicated bunch of writers who very kindly contribute for the love of movies alone.

I'm a movie PR. Pimp my film!
If you're promoting a film and would like to send TheShiznit.co.uk any promotional material - trailers, screenshots, clips etc - then email us and we'll discuss terms. We'll happily promote your film if it's something our readers might be interested in. Be warned, though: if your film is rubbish, we won't hold back.

What happened to the old site?
There's only so much abuse we can take. If we had read one more 'OMG yellow text on blue background wot r they blind' comment we would have packed up our internet and taken it home. Like it or lump it.