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Review: Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas
I always feel a little pang of guilt whenever I give a kiddy film a negative review, because obviously they are made for small, easily pleased children and not hardened, 30-year-old cynics who spend their evenings sitting in front of a computer thinking of witty put-downs while wearing Batman pyjamas and eating pies. Thankfully, with Arthur Christmas, I don't have to feel bad, because – brace yourselves – it's an absolute Christmas cracker. Hands off, Robbie Collin – that one's MINE.

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Posted by Ben at 15:30 on 09/11/11
I still don't get it. Is it really because Arthur sounds like Father...? Because it doesn't. It looks like it should, but it reallly doesn't. It's all to do with the way the 'th' is sounded.

Posted by Ali at 13:36 on 09/11/11
I didn't get it until today, when I read this: Click Here Link opens in new window
Posted by Ed at 12:41 on 09/11/11
I genuinely only just got the pun in the title having seen it on buses for the last week.
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