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Fuck off did C3PO have a silver leg

Fuck off did C3PO have a silver leg
Today I made a most unsettling discovery and now I'm sharing it with you in the vain hope that it'll make the madness I'm currently feeling feel less intense. I still almost can't believe it's true, despite photo evidence that appears to confirm it. No. It can't be right. It just can't be. I've seen Star Wars about 25 times and I never noticed this. Fuck off does C3PO have one silver leg.

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Posted by Ronaldned at 20:20 on 01/05/17
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Posted by Jensen27 at 16:34 on 19/04/17
Check out footage from the 1978 academy awards on YouTube as well as numerous other linked showings of him live. C3po clearly had two gold legs. We aren't going crazy!!! Either reality is being warped and it is taking time to get through all of the material... or maybe someone with hacking skills and deep pockets is changing things online and paying others to go along with it back in the real world i.e. changing actual movie lines and footage in New releases... it could all just be a massive scale marketing ploy to get people interested in quantum computing to get everyone primed for buying...i would love to see a original vhs or even beta version!!!
Posted by bruceydan at 13:22 on 27/09/16
Lol....saw this hilarious parody on the whole C3PO Silver leg issues on youtube the other day....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bj8UONfUts
Posted by Matt at 10:51 on 22/09/16
Hey, has anyone here heard of the Mandela Effect? I used to think it never existed but now it seems to be everywhere. Was it always everywhere and I just didn't know about it or am I misremembering?
Posted by gwabbit at 03:19 on 22/09/16
Maybe everybody is right? Look into the Mandela effect. I remember seeing it when it first came out and swear he was all gold. I'm gonna have to check out my dvd's at home now since I no longer have the vhs tapes.
Posted by Thrilly400 at 19:04 on 15/08/16
Remember in the movie he used to be all silver and he was picked up by one leg the leg that remains silver and was dipped into gold this is why he is all gold except for that one leg that was not merged into the tank of gold hope this helps clarify things have a nice day and May the force be with you

Edited at 19:07 on 15/08/16
Posted by Thrilly400 at 17:25 on 15/08/16
I can remember when I was a kid that I had a toy and he was all gold however I remember finding this strange because in the movie he had a silver leg it has always been silver you guys just must not have paid attention to it it's something that got missed by millions but it's been confirmed by the creators and writers that his leg has in fact always been silver and even I noticed it and saw it with my own eyes way back when it was first released

Edited at 17:26 on 15/08/16
Posted by sol.cutta7772 at 20:00 on 16/07/16
look ive been asking people this since I too saw this silver leg, my fiancé remembers it always gold as I do..it was never silver when I was a kid..people say oh its just your bad memory..well on other stuff I do question myself, but with this c3po I know 100% it was never silver,i had large toy as child and figures and loved star wars and I would have noticed had it been silver as I was born a perfectionist and as a child would have found it horrid..another mandella effect for those of us not belonging to this odd and strange reality/dimension..and if its a psychological occurance when u reach certain age how come its never been mentioned in any books in history until cern started up?? why is manbdella a recent occurance...all very starnge and odd..
Posted by aAandy at 10:15 on 16/07/16
when star wars first came out it was so popular it played for about 2 yrs at the cinemas - i watched it 8 times at the Hoyts cinema Sydney City (Aust)

i've watched it hundreds of times since and was most displeased when Fruitloop (Lucas) added his CGI crap and spoiled was was a masterpiece (imagine Leonardo Da Vinci adding a nose ring to the mona lisa)

i watched starwars (a new hope) online about 3 months ago and as always, C3-PO had two golden legs

i just checked it now and suddenly C3-PO has a silver leg

i will be hunting down my early 80's (pre-CGI) VHS copies to see if his golden leg changed to silver,,, or not

Edited at 10:16 on 16/07/16
Posted by Irishsolar at 20:00 on 12/07/16
There are literally millions of people, myself included, who swear they never saw c3p0 with a silver leg. We can't all be mistaken. However, when you add the fact that this is only 1 of hundreds of anomalies (like Bridge Over The River Kwai), it becomes obvious that something strange is going on. Although not everyone agrees on the anomalies there are too many to be co-incidence.

Google the Mandela effect and prepare to have your mind blown!

Edited at 20:02 on 12/07/16
Posted by Anonymouscoward3 at 16:34 on 15/05/16
This is a Mandela effect. Your memory isn't wrong. CERN is changing our reality. It's a recent phenomena. Google "Mandela effect."
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