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Review: Les Misérables

Les Misérables
Let me tell you straight off, I'm not really a 'theatre person'. I'm exactly the sort of philistine who would probably walk out of a matinee showing of The Mousetrap at The Windmill if the concessions stand was closed. The last thing I saw in a theatre was Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. The time before that was The Woman In Black, but only because I knew it was considered exciting enough to be made into a film. The time before that was probably Garfield: Live!, although to my credit, I was about six at the time (even so, I still remember being terrified of Garfield's perennially glassy, non-blinking eyes and fixed, rictus grin. Maybe I caught him on a Monday).

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Posted by old.school at 23:43 on 21/01/13
too long, too boring.... the theatre version is 1000 times better
Posted by Ali at 13:00 on 18/01/13
My main criticism with this film is that it becomes incredibly boring, that's nothing to do with the fact it's a musical or how the songs are structured. I'm reviewing the film as I see it, there's no misunderstanding of the genre it's in. I know people who are huge fans of the musical who agree it's a let-down, but each to his own.
Posted by afaiella at 01:14 on 18/01/13
Listen, I know you prefaced this review by saying you are not a theater person, but a majority of your criticisms are derived from a misunderstanding of what a musical is. "While I'm on the same subject, has the whole 'two people singing over each other simultaneously' thing ever been legitimately enjoyed by anyone? Really?" - yes, I know I did, and I know many others do as well. Some of the greatest songs ever composed are written in this style. Danny Kaye and Louis Armstrong sing what is considered by some one of the greatest songs ever written with 5 unique layers of lyrics and melodies. "One Day More" is done wonderfully, its not meant to be plot exposition, you should know whats going on even if you were watching this film with the sound off.

I do appreciate your writing style, but you should'nt criticize genres you have little knowledge of.
Posted by Camille at 15:28 on 11/01/13
Is that Gavroche? Or Enjolras? Did you laugh when they died? HOW COULD YOU. That's why revolutions fail, damn you.
Posted by neophyte at 00:18 on 11/01/13
Did many people enjoy that moment in the theather? Large burst of laughter/joy or just some slow clap? Possibly 'booyah!' with a jump?
Posted by zigs at 22:26 on 10/01/13
I'm glad I wasn't the only one who hated that grating little shit. Very nearly cheered when that kid was shot, then totally did when he was shot a second time.

I've been a big fan of the site for a long time now and I don't know why it was the murder of a child that led to me finally create an account and post a comment, but here we are.
Posted by Nick at 21:57 on 10/01/13
I'm planning to see this tomorrow but your review essentially reflects what I felt about the trailer.
The major problem I have is the cast is American, Australian, New Zealand, directed by an Englishman. For a film around the French revolution, it's severely lacking a convincing French feeling. And I dont rate Tom Hooper, at all.
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