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Melissa McCarthy lost 30lbs on the Shitty Photoshop Diet

Melissa McCarthy lost 30lbs on the Shitty Photoshop Diet
"Hi! I'm actress Melissa McCarthy! You may remember me from Bridesmaids, or recent US hit Identity Thief! I'm here to tell you all about a new weight loss programme called The Shitty Photoshop Diet! It couldn't be easier!"

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Mo Ogilvie
Posted by Mo Ogilvie at 18:16 on 22/06/13
As a professional Photographer at Mo2vated Media,
I am appalled at was done to a beautiful picture. Photoshop is not needed in most Portraits. If done at all, it should ENHANCE a picture - perhaps brightening a background or smoothing fine lines. I usually consult with clients to find out if there are any small things about them they dislike. Most of those can be corrected by proper lighting - NOT by Photoshop. The program is great for tweaks to the surroundings, eliminating distracting background, etc. Melissa McCarthy is a beautiful woman, with great features that a photographer would love to capture. Whoever butchered the picture even made her hair flat and lifeless. They ought to be fired and the idiots who ok'd it along with them.

Edited at 18:17 on 22/06/13
Posted by sajones55 at 05:19 on 18/06/13
This is a travesty. She should sue someone...the public should sue everyone in Hollywood. This is Melissa's opportunity to make a social change. She is a leader and a spokesperson against the absurdity that is making 12 yr olds starve themselves. Sickening. If anyone can stand up loud and proud it's Melissa McCartney.
God and Your Mother
Posted by God and Your Mother at 13:15 on 13/06/13
This article has 10 google+ things so it is practically viral.

Reminds me of one of my favourites:

Could maybe do a shitty photoshop compilation?
Posted by Kirsty at 12:42 on 13/06/13
Ahem. Rude.
Posted by Ali at 10:54 on 13/06/13
Can't help but think you've missed the point a touch there.
Posted by StephMooneyham at 07:04 on 13/06/13
I simply do not understand this. They Photoshop Melissa McCarthy, yet leave Sandra Bullock alone? Are you kidding me? I've been waiting for someone to rearrange that woman's face for years.

All Sandra Bullock is, is a sad, middle-aged, pathetic attention whore whose only claim to fame anymore is either who she dates, adopting kids, or oh, yeah... getting her poor little heart broken. Newsflash! People get hurt all the time. The woman has millions; she really doesn't need your sympathy. Hell, she could buy it if she wanted it, though.

Back to the movie poster... I just don't get why they airbrushed someone as pretty as Melissa, yet they left Sandra Bullock looking exactly like the pathetic old woman that she is. And what the hell is with that giant, gold, ink-pen-looking thing sticking out of her back? All I know is that I'm going to have nightmares about the Photoshopped poster. Did you notice Sandra Bullock kind of looks like Steven Tyler in it? Add that to her list of unflattering features.

Anyway, thanks a lot, people who made Heat and were responsible for this Photoshopped abortion. I really appreciate it.
Posted by MattChance at 19:13 on 12/06/13
I hope this pathetic marketing team doesn't discourage anyone from seeing the movie.

I am not your target audience for anything Melissa McCarthy is in, but boy did she prove me wrong in this (I got a free screening invite). This movie has Michael McDonald (Stuart from MadTV - and yes he does a Stuart reference, which makes the whole movie!), Bill Burr and Michael Rappaport in it. That should say something about the quality that the leading actresses do not necessarily represent to onlookers.

Edited at 19:28 on 12/06/13
Posted by Gnopsi at 09:28 on 12/06/13
And "Mike & Molly" will be retitled "Mike & Slimmy" next season ...
Posted by MauraB at 04:37 on 12/06/13
"Chloe Kardashian crossed with Rosie O'Donnell"
Melissa is prettier than that mean photoshop!
Posted by Christine at 17:56 on 11/06/13
Doesn't look like her-and they seemed to change her eyes from blue to brown...
Posted by Ali at 16:15 on 11/06/13
Posted by bethferrell at 15:52 on 11/06/13
I'm really wondering why they would photoshop my head onto her body. I mean. Seriously. McCarthy is great just the way she is!
God and Your Mother
Posted by God and Your Mother at 16:16 on 07/06/13
Airbrushed into oblivion
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