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Review: Snow White And The Huntsman

Snow White And The Huntsman
What's this, you say? A film about Snow White? A movie in which Kristen Stewart has to choose between two dudes? A movie in which Charlize Theron behaves like a complete lunatic? A movie in which Chris Hemsworth is a swarthy yet heroic warrior? Please, continue! How delightfully original! There hasn't been a movie like this for years! Seriously! Shit you guys! My sarcasm button is stuck! It's making it sooo difficult to write this review with any modicum of professionalism! Ugh!

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shanen kate
Posted by shanen kate at 10:17 on 19/01/13
and the songs i like it is incredible
shanen kate
Posted by shanen kate at 10:14 on 19/01/13
im very amazed in the movie i mean film all characters work or act perfectly they are amazing and it so very creative thats all im your fan
Posted by Ben at 18:25 on 29/05/12
Apart from the song at the end, which threatens to undo all the fun that went before it.
Posted by NathanaelSmith at 13:12 on 29/05/12
You should watch Mirror, Mirror. It was criminally misunderstood but it's totally daft fun, it really embraces the silly fairy tale nature of it all. It's great.
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