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Review: Ted

I have a love/hate relationship with Family Guy, and Seth McFarlane by association. Nothing about it is particularly clever or witty or considered – in fact, the laziness and sloppiness of the writing is often shockingly cavalier; stale pop culture punchlines and routines straight from the 'We can't be bothered to finish this joke, so that's the joke' school of comedy. Yet in spite of myself, almost by accident, I still find myself laughing at it from time to time – usually when I'm shattered at the end of the day and lapsing into sleep. It's hardly a glowing endorsement, but the occasional LOL does elevate Family Guy above 'no way and no how' programming like Two And A Half Men.

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Posted by Nick at 15:29 on 10/01/13
It has it's moments but overall it's neither as funny or offensive as you might expect (or maybe I'm just jaded).

High point - Ted's first job interview and subsequent job review.
Low point - Ted's Asian neighbour. Oh dear lord
Posted by Eow at 12:07 on 03/08/12
It's a shame because If this film had come from a clean slate and hadn't been preceeded by season after season of similar gags, done by the same voices then I'd be more eager to watch it. But it has been, so I'm not.
If i didn’t already own about 12 seasons of Family Guy, and constanly flick between American Dad, Cleveland Show and Sexcetera on week nights then I would be able to watch and enjoy Ted for what it is, which I'm guessing is funnier than most comedies out there.
So when I think about it it's all my fault really.
Having said that, the day it comes out on DVD I'll buying 3 copies and swallowing them whole.
Posted by Nick at 20:44 on 02/08/12
Nope, my attitude towards Family Guy extends to this. I'll watch it if it's on and I've nothing better to do but I'm sure as fuck not paying to see the same old crap.
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