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Ten Reasons To Love Director Uwe Boll

Ten Reasons To Love Director Uwe Boll
Say what you like about Uwe Boll (and most people do), but the man definitely has his own style. He does things other directors wouldn't dare try - partly because sometimes they just plain don't work. Even so, you have to bear in mind that this is the guy who (literally) fights critics left, right and centre yet still continues ...

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The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 05:51 on 15/05/08
Good thing Boll isn't allowed to touch the Warcraft movie.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 01:18 on 16/02/08
He's an artless monkey who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a camera.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 15:05 on 15/02/08
Absolutely, my bad.
The Boll flicks I've seen have been awful, watched House of The Dead and just couldn't understand the choices he made. Like I said, it's not a personal thing, I don't cry for his blood or anything like that. But it's heartbreaking to know that there are people out there with genuine ability and stories to tell that will never see the light of day, films that could change the way you see something - yet this guy continually gets funding and name actors when he can't even master the basic things like blocking and framing.

It's a mystery to me how Boll carries on making films, in some parellel universe he's already been barred from directing - I'm sure of it.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 10:28 on 15/02/08
Goatboy: I'm not sure that's an appropriate comment to make to someone you don't know. I'm sure you didn't mean to be offensive, but ... I'm feeling extremely uncomfortable about it. Let's stick to the movies, yeah?
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 21:57 on 12/02/08
Goatboy you slaaaaaag!
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 21:16 on 12/02/08
I know nothing about the man outside of the films I've watched. He might be a nice guy, he might be an asshat. My grandfather's a nice guy, doesn't mean he should make films though. Actually, he should and they'd be better than the Bollshit that seeps onto DVD every now and then. I loathe the man purely for his directorial inabilities. I'm not having a pop at you, different strokes for different folks. And you have boobies, therefore you ultimately win.

Can I have a go on them?
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 14:08 on 12/02/08
Figured it was easier than leaving a sprawling comment about my adventures in Vancouver... :P Anyway, I linked back to you first!
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 10:10 on 12/02/08
Tsk, popping in two weeks late only shill your own website! Nice nettiquete, jerk!

TheShiznit.co.uk - scaring away outsiders since 2004.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 08:34 on 12/02/08
Goatboy: It's not even ironic for me; I actually enjoy watching his movies. I'm not sure whether it started off being a so-bad-it's-good thing or not, but I just like watching Boll films now. And there are far worse directors than him in the world.

RE: Postal - no-one will be able to spot me, because I'm really far in the background, but since I knew where I was (and that I was wearing bright purple) I managed to spot myself. You can read all my crazy Postal adventures here: http://sarahhatesyourmovie.blogspot.com/search/label/Postal

(And yeah, this is really late to be posting a comment. Oops.)
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 13:34 on 04/02/08
But... but... the crappy zombies! The drunken preachers! It's all so... terrible!
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 04:50 on 02/02/08
Sorry but the whole "he's so shit he's awesome" ironic thing doesn't work for me. The man is a talentless knuckle that shouldn't be allowed to watch films let alone make them. A well written feature I enjoyed far more than the clips from youtube to highlight just how bollocks this ape is. And Postal doesn't even offend, he can't even manage to do that using massive obvious targets like 9/11. It's like watching an infant smear shit on the walls and clapping for attention.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 13:20 on 01/02/08
I think the guy's a character, and there definitely is a lack of characters in the movie industry at the moment. Good luck to him, I say - I bet one day he'll make a (half)decent film.

It all goes back to that whole 'Meet The Spartans' argument - I love watching shit films, because they're so much fun to rip into. Just watching that House of the Dead clip makes me spasm with delight. They're so much easier to watch than average films, pics where you keep watching in vain hoping something good will happen but nothing ever does. Whereas with Boll's films, you're pretty much guaranteed a howler every five minutes.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 13:00 on 01/02/08
Whoa, you're in Postal. Tell me which part you played so I can look out for you.
The Internets
Posted by The Internets at 12:59 on 01/02/08
I personally love this guy. His movies are guaranteed to get me shouting at the screen, and “Alone In the Dark” seemed to go on for 3 hours. Personal favourite? “House Of The Dead” where the kids go to the island to attend a rave. There's like ten people there in total. And Jürgen Prochnow chewing what scenery there is. The mans a genius.
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