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Throwaway comment sees movie blog use pic of Scarlett Johansson

Throwaway comment sees movie blog use pic of Scarlett Johansson
There was predictability today when a throwaway comment regarding a Black Widow spin-off was considered newsworthy by , who illustrated their story with a picture of Scarlett Johansson.

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Posted by Luke at 16:26 on 26/04/10
I feel this is an unwarranted use of satire and Scarlett Johansson to bait google with keywords. It's bare-assed on your face brazen with topless desire like a schoolgirl baiting mp3s.
Posted by neophyte at 14:45 on 26/04/10
Yeah, I forgot about Alba's Susan Storm. But her power is invisibility so... And also forgot Garner's Elektra. I don't know why, maybe because of Affleck's Daredevil.

Still, when we compare comics and films, sex appeal of heroines/characters in the former ones is much more apparent than it is in the latter ones.
Posted by Kirsty at 04:52 on 26/04/10
Doesn't Jessica Alba count as a hot curvy super heroine? She's Susan Storm Richards!
Jennifer Garner's Elektra is a Marvel character, but I'll grant you she has no superpowers...

Excellent photo choice. très drôle.

Edited at 04:57 on 26/04/10
Posted by Ben at 23:20 on 25/04/10
Not the best Scarlett pic, to be honest.
Posted by neophyte at 19:09 on 25/04/10
I said: 'that's another story' and now... Come on, it was supposed to be a Scarlett related topic... Damn you Nic, damn you Ali!
Oh Nic, why are you so charismatic, that you shine through any human being?

Btw, Dr Strange is a risky project... Sorry, it HAD BEEN risky project, before my eyes saw this juxtaposition:
NIC is DR STRANGE. Fuck, yeah!

Edited at 14:49 on 26/04/10
Posted by Ali at 19:00 on 25/04/10
Nic Cage
Dr Strange

This thing writes itself
Posted by neophyte at 18:44 on 25/04/10
Obviously, I haven't seen IM2 yet (I even skip its trailers, not to spoil any KA-BOOMS), but from what I did see (pictures and other films of her) casting Scarlett as a superheroine was fucking brilliant. Putting aside acting skills which are also vital (aren't they, boys?) it's actually the first attempt to put a really hot, yet not plastic or/and curveless actress in a Marvel superhero film (Kirsten Dunst's MJ is a skeleton and I don't count Halle Berry's Catwoman, not only 'cause it's DC, but also I heard people vomitted during watching the film so I consider it not viable for the discussion,).

It reminds me why I used to buy those comic books back in early 90. Action + tight latex on heroines/other characters. What more do we need, boys? Only Nic Cage. But that's another story.

Edited at 18:46 on 25/04/10
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