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Top 20 movies of 2012

Top 20 movies of 2012
2012! The Jubilee! The Olympics! Barack Obama was re-elected! What a year! Also some films came out, and some of them were quite good, which is why we're here.

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Posted by Mr.Durden at 00:56 on 11/01/13
Well that was probably one of her best scenes, but hardly the highlight of the movie.

But I have to say I am a bit biased, never really like much she has done and was not thrilled to hear that she was cast as Catwoman, to say the least, but I honestly tried to give her a chance.

Maybe I will change my mind about her after watching Les Miserables for which she just got oscars nominated... Just maybe, and then rematch Rises and hopefully get a better experience.

Because I really want to like her character, but I just can't, I just can't do it captain!
Posted by Matt at 17:39 on 10/01/13
Have to say I disagree - I think Hathaway IS brilliant in that role. Whatever your thoughts on the character, some of the best moments come from her. Taking out a roomful of bad guys, screaming as the cops arrive and then shifting seamlessly into sly escape mode is a real highlight of the film for me.

But it's all ok - opinions, an' all that.
Posted by Nick at 15:46 on 10/01/13
The backstory was logical and in keeping with the theme. I'd agree though that calling her brilliant is a bit of a stretch, it was hardly a role that allowed for brilliance. She was perfectly good and even if I'm still pissed about *how Bane died*, that's not Hathaways fault.
Posted by Mr.Durden at 01:44 on 10/01/13
First of all great site and I find you guys hilarious! And I usually agree with you guys' movie taste and use it as a guide for what to watch.

So that is why I have to know if you are joking when you say: "foreboding with a sense of style and humour is Anne Hathaway's brilliant Catwoman"?

Please tell me that you are, because her character almost ruined the movie for me with her silly backstory * SPOILER ALERT, wanting to clear her name or whatever and the worst thing of course being MAYOR SPOILER ALERT, when she kills the movie's iconic villain and follows it with one of her stupid one liners! I could go on!*

So when you use a word like BRILLIANT about Hathaway's Catwoman, is gives me great grief and hope that you are joking, but I am afraid that you are not...
Posted by jordan at 10:00 on 01/01/13
im not a horror fan in general but i just didnt get cabin in the woods, i mean i understand the concept of the film as a whole i just dont understand why it was so good? what was the "twist" that made it stand out from others? i didnt feel like there was anything new to it.

it was enjoyable as a horror/comedy but i just didnt get, and dont get, what was so fresh about it that differentiated it from something like, say, cabin fever *CABINS duh!!*

i agree with nick about the trodden path and its hard to see how a "horror" can trully stand out whilst being new and genre defining.
Posted by Nick at 23:12 on 31/12/12
On the whole I just feel horror is pretty much dead as a genre in whatever way you go about it and has little left to offer. The path has been trodden so many times that even the cheeky, knowing, horror films are becoming bit tiresome.
CitW is fun and I have no complaint with it being in the Top 20 at all but having what I consider a niche film at No 1 ahead of more "worthy" stuff surprised me. I'm probably just a film snob.

More thoughts

No Prometheus? Hard to tell whether it's more controversial to add it or ignore it. Personally I really liked it

I've still not managed to see Moonrise Kingdom but I've heard very good things. Anderson is divisive though so again I'm not surprised

Ted doesn't appear in your Best of 2012 list, Shiznit 1-0 Guardian (seriously, it came 2nd)
Posted by Luke at 20:55 on 31/12/12
It's funny, we all disagree on a lot of these films (I too thought The Hunger Games was naff, and don't even get me started on 21 Jump Street, urgh).

We all loved Cabin though.

Jeff Who Lives At Home is on Netflix now, will check it out.
Posted by Nick at 20:44 on 31/12/12
Compared to last years Top 20 that's a hell of a list, you knew it would be when something like Argo doesn't even crack the top 10.

Thoughts then

I'm really happy to see Chronicle listed, I wasn't expecting it as it didn't get reviewed on this site.

The Hunger Games was crap. It had no balls and I'm fairly sure the director lacks opposable thumbs. Not even a good performance by La Lawrence could save it from boring me to tears and just wishing it would end.

I'm going to need to check out 21 Jump Street, that's a surprise listing

Unsurprisingly one of my favourite films of the year, Jeff Who Lives At Home, misses out because practically no-one saw it. It's a beautiful little film and is not what you expect.

The Cabin In The Woods at No 1? Seriously? Personal taste I guess
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