Competition: Win Biutiful on DVD


10th May 2011

That's the Spanish supernatural drama, not the something something something James Blunt joke. Yeah, I'm leaving that in.

Even though you'd think Biutiful would be impossible to miss - what with maestro Alejandro González Iñárritu on directorial duty and Javier Bardem's planet-sized face looming just beyond your peripheral vision at all times - sometimes you just can't catch the right-on, serious movies you want to see. I think this came out the same day as Tron Legacy or something - we all had stuff to do that weekend. It was crazy, right?

Enough waffle. I've got three copies of Biutiful to give away and all you have to do is click here and answer a question so simple, even a species without opposable thumbs could get it right by simply mashing their torso against their keyboards (assuming they have computers, of course).

It's out on Monday 16 May so you could just pre-order it and wait. See if I care, Mr Moneybags.

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