Win Let Me In on DVD


7th March 2011

Let the right one in, if 'the right one' is Let Me In on DVD and 'in' means 'in your letterbox'. Because if you win, I'll post it to you!

Haters gonna hate: I loved Let Me In and if you give it a chance, you probably will too. Okay, compared to Let The Right One In, it's basically the Single White Female creepy stalker version, but on the grand scale of recent vampire movies, it's way, waaay above most other bloodsuckers you'd care to mention.

Let Me In is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 14 March, but I've got three copies to give away to whoever can send me the most blood in the post. If you don't fancy murdering strangers or are just a gigantic pussy, you can enter our online competition by clicking here and answering a question that even those with the most Cullen-esque grasp of vampire lore will be able to tackle.

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