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  • Rush premiere cleavage swap

    Movie News | Ali | 3rd September 2013

    Not that you can actually notice any difference.

  • Riddick

    Movie Review | Ali | 1st September 2013

    I love Vin Diesel. I love his voice, I love his face, I love the shape of his big baldy head and - to a lesser extent, admittedly - I love his films. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, so when he announced he re-mortgaged his house in order to get Riddick funded, I believed him. If any other Hollywood big shot claimed they'd put their house on the line to resurrect one of their fallen franchises it'd seem like a desperate career move, but Diesel has a Fast & Furious fallback; he didn't need Riddick to happen, he just felt the character still had life left in him. And he was right.

  • Send us your CV and we'll talk

    Movie News | Ali | 30th August 2013

    The UK's most easily offended film critic is packing his bags. Place your bets where he'll end up next. Badass Digest?

  • Writer of Lex Luthor casting rumour blows goats, says anonymous source

    Movie News | Ali | 28th August 2013

    While the writers of sit back and enjoy the web traffic they've created by publishing a fake story about Bryan Cranston being cast as Lex Luthor in the forthcoming sequel to Man Of Steel, it has been reported by an unverified, unreported source that the writer of the article sucks goat dick.

  • Totes Riddick

    Movie Feature | Ali | 27th August 2013

    Sorry, but this sort of joke is totally my bag, baby.

  • The 50 absolute worst nerds to sign the Anti-Affleck Batman petition

    Movie Feature | Ali | 26th August 2013

    Within nano-seconds of the announcement that Ben Affleck would play Batman in Zack Snyder's sequel to Man Of Steel, nerds took to the internet to register their displeasure. Angry nerds reacting to movie news? I know, I was as surprised as you!

  • We're The Millers

    Movie Review | Ali | 24th August 2013

    Nine years ago, Rawson Marshall Thurber directed Dodgeball but left the film's funniest scene as alternate ending on the DVD. Mid-way through the final match, one of Ben Stiller's team hits his opposite number with the ball and the game ends – it's incredibly anti-climactic. Vince Vaughn's team looks devastated. Then the credits roll. There's no punchline, they just lost, and now the movie's over. That, in itself, is hilarious. You can understand why the studio didn't want Thurber to use the ending, because it sacrifices the story and the character arcs for a bold gag. Fast-forward to 2013, and don't be surprised if you see a similarly abrupt alternate ending on the We're The Millers DVD; it's a movie with a solid comedic concept at its core but one that is ultimately forced to go through the necessary motions until it rolls to a stop.

  • Ben Affleck as Batman: pros & cons

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd August 2013

    What could go wrong? All the best, Ben.

  • 10 actors more suited to voice Rocket Raccoon than Bradley Cooper

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd August 2013

    According to web reports filed by internet elves, handsome actor and man Bradley Cooper is poised to play the role that all of Hollywood is hankering after: Rocket Raccoon in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. Take it from me, the guy who has never read a comic: I've got 10 guys here that could wipe the floor with Bradley Cooper's vocal chords. Eww.

    Edit: Fuck you, Ben Affleck. This took, like, two hours.

  • Here's ex-Arsenal footballer Tony Adams at the One Direction premiere

    Movie News | Ali | 21st August 2013

    As far as I can see, he didn't take his kids. Make of that what you will.