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    TV Review | Kirsty | 4th October 2010

    My favourite new show of 2009 is coming to the UK, to be shown on a channel by the name of Viva. Is that a channel? How long have I been gone? Do you guys have flying cars yet?

  • The Flintstones at 50

    TV News | Kirsty | 1st October 2010

    I scoured the internet for examples of why The Flintstones have endured for 50 years, and I found hundreds of heart warming, amusing and clever vignettes.
    Having said that, here’s Wilma saying bollocks.

  • Australian Gets Things Upside Down

    TV News | Kirsty | 29th September 2010

    Live TV is a tricky fish; flying by the seat of your pants, improvising on the go, facing millions of viewers who will pick up on your every error no matter how small. Or, in Sarah Murdoch’s case, phenomenally huge and embarrassing.

  • Adverts Of The Week

    TV Video | Kirsty | 28th September 2010

    Adverts are much maligned. They get a bad press, which is odd, seeing as their whole thing is about promoting things well. It’s about time they were celebrated on a fairly regular basis, and on an occasionally read website. Yeah! Let’s give adverts their dues! Sometimes!

  • New Fox Show Good: No-one Cares

    TV Rant | Kirsty | 22nd September 2010

    The end of September brings with it Autumn, the DFS sale and so many new shows your viewing device of choice might explode. Some programmes will make it, some will perish – that’s the circle of TV life – but occasionally some are dashed against the ratings rocks and prematurely bite it. For every NCIS there is a FlashForward.

  • No Encore For Bravo

    TV Rant | Kirsty | 16th September 2010

    BSkyB announces plans to close Bravo, Bravo 2 and Channel One, ruining everyone’s chances to watch back to back Motorway Patrol and Classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

  • Farewell The Vic: We Are Not Amused

    TV Feature | Kirsty | 10th September 2010

    She's seen everything in Albert Square. Watched over it through births, deaths, and shocking revelations, always ready with a pint of mild or a G&T to take the edge off.
    No, not Peggy "Faaaamily" Mitchell - I'm talking about The Queen Vic. Farewell, old friend, until we meet again. The Queen is dead! Long live The Queen!

  • Watch This: Him & Her

    TV News | Kirsty | 6th September 2010

    One day, I'll be getting previews of these shows so I can advise you on what to watch based on more than gut feeling and hope. And read this fast, Him & Her starts on BBC Three in about an hour.

  • TV Trails: Hawaii 5-Oh no you di-uhn't...

    TV Video | Kirsty | 30th August 2010

    Aloha! Does the world need another procedural cop show with an elite, no-holds-barred taskforce, each member hotter than the last, whose quips are as polished as their 9mms?

    Umm... yes?

  • The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards

    TV Feature | Kirsty | 30th August 2010

    We’re moments away from the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmys, where the crème de la crème of television tell each other how amazing they are, and I’m going into this thing sober. It’s all for you…