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11 worst movie lines of 2010

11 worst movie lines of 2010
You've already seen our list of guilty pleasures from 2010, and with awesomely bad movies comes awesomely bad dire-logue - the lines that drop out of character's mouths like turds out of bumholes. Enjoy!
11. Piranha 3D

It's funny because Kelly Brook has nice boobs.

10. Resident Evil: Afterlife

A masterclass in delivering exposition by Paul WS Anderson.

9. Burlesque

Stanley 'Snoochie' Tucci delivers a reet groanworthy clunker. We'll hear nothing said against the line "slut with mutant lungs," mind.

8. Tron: Legacy

I don't care if he spoke like that in the original; even The Dude would baulk Kevin Flynn's hippified techno-babble. Also: I fucking hate jazz.

7. Unstoppable

Don't worry, everyone! Chris Pine will save us!

6. Sex And The City 2

Kim Cattrall drops a tonne of pun in the Dubai desert, losing extra points for making us think of her labia.

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Posted by Ali at 17:38 on 28/12/10
It's fucking awful.

I'd also like to nominate "Sucks to be you, homie!" from The A-Team (trailer). Plus pretty much everything else Rampage Jackson says in that movie. The lines you can understand, anyway.
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