17 pictures in which The Mentalist looks like a mentalist

Ed Williamson

29th April 2013

I initially thought it was terribly politically incorrect to make a TV show about a guy who was a total mentalist. Then someone told me it wasn't about that. But this seems irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Yes, Patrick Jane in The Mentalist is an absolute mentalist. Look at him and his numerous episodes of mentalism.
Reading something on the floor when he could do it sitting down like a mentalist

Looking at a severed hand like a mentalist

Trying to get into Tron like a mentalist

Not understanding that walls aren't doors like a mentalist

Making a phone call among some fruit like a mentalist

Eating a sandwich off the floor while his glasses are broken like a mentalist

Hypnotising a kid dressed as Batman like a mentalist then swordfighting with him

Interrupting a funeral like a mentalist

Looking at a golf club and pretending to be blind like a mentalist

Having a cup of tea like a mentalist but not noticing everyone behind him's having a fight like a mentalist

Having probably just stolen a motorbike like a mentalist

Having just drawn a scary picture on his bedroom wall like a mentalist then having a kip under it

Not sitting properly on a chair like a mentalist

Making a phone call with the phone nowhere near his ear like a mentalist

As if this wasn't bad enough, one of the series' directors is called David Nutter, which is just gratuitous.

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