25 greatest 'owned' movie moments


6th June 2010

For those not familiar with internet parlace (ZOMG), being 'owned' or being party to 'ownage' is to be completely and totally defeated in the most swift, brutal, embarrassing way possible.

We've run an insults feature before, and yes, there is some overlap. But mere insults don't always guarantee ownage. There needs to be an extra spark; the extra kick of sand in the victim's face after trampling on their metaphorical sandcastle.

Think that one time when 50 Cent got into a beef with rival rapper Rick Ross. Instead of engaging in a war of words, he made a porno with the mother of one of Ross' kids. Now that's ownage.

Below are 25 of the most wonderful beatdowns - physical, verbal and miscellaneous - in cinema history. There are no comebacks cool, smart or sassy enough to dig a way out of these cornholings.

Animal House - Damn hippies

Delta House. Toga Party. Otis Day and the Nights. Drunken debauchery. Sex and perversion on an epic scale. John fucking Belushi. I just want to know how the hell a folk singer got in the door.
Annie Hall - Marshall McLuhan

When loud, dysfunctional sex talk was not enough to shut some know-it-all egghead's pie hole, you can be sure that the king of cerebral ownage has got an ace up his sleeve. And yes, Woody, real life should always work out like this.
Good Will Hunting - Apple sauce, bitch

There is nothing more satisfying than a good old-fashioned intellectual buttfucking. Matt Damon delivers the goods with a smile and sends a long-haired Harvard snob home with his tail between his WASP-y legs.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Leg up

Con artists Freddy Benson and Lawrence Jamieson have a friendly little wager going: the first one to con "soap queen" Janet Colgate out of $50,000 will be allowed to stay in Beaumont sur-Mer and continue to gorge on the financial feast of the French Riviera's most gullible heiresses, while the loser leaves town in disgrace. Freddy, nicely faking paraplegia, edges into the lead... until old Lawrence comes up with a plan of his own.

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