33 most boring movie titles ever


4th March 2011

We're celebrating movies with boring titles, in honour of The Adjustment Bureau, a movie about one lawyer's hour-long search for a yellow legal pad. But will the ink in his red pen hold out?

The most important thing about a movie is its title: it'll likely be the tipping point to whether a fence-sitter will splash their cash on a ticket. Here is a good example of an eye-catching movie title: Die Hard. I'll bet you my life savings no one ever saw a poster of a film called Die Hard and said, "Hmm, that doesn't sound very awesome." Never happened.

Yet every year, dozens and dozens of films are labelled with awful, forgettable and just plain boring titles. Though The Adjustment Bureau is really rather good - as are some of the other movies below - it's saddled with such a sadface of a title, you can't help but wonder how well it'd perform at the box office if it were called FATE IS COMING TO KILL YOU.
The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

It's Bourne meets Inception meets the tedium of your actual job!
Everybody's Fine (2009)

Everybody's fine here, folks! Nothing to see here! Move along please!
The Constant Gardener (2005)

He just can't keep his fingers out of hoes.
The Shipping News (2001)

Well it certainly beats listening to Chris Moyles.
The Town (2010)

Not just any town. The town. Not like all those other towns.
Veronica Guerin (2003)

"Who? Forget it. One for American Pie 3, please."
The Cement Garden (1993)

That's called a 'patio', isn't it?
The Secret Lives Of Dentists (2003)

I bet they get all kinds of chicks.
Riding The Bus With My Sister (2005)

But no movie with a Rosie O'Donnell cameo could be considered boring?
Janice Beard 45 WPM (1999)

This one's more confusing than boring, yet I'm bored how confusing it is.
My Dinner With Andre (1981)

Ordinary People (1980)

It's no Ghost Busters, is it?
The Life Of David Gale (2003)

Warning: contains the life of David Gale.
The Happening (2008)

Get it? It's ironic. Because nothing happens.
The Good Shepherd (2006)

I only like shepherds when they're naughty...
Cleaner (2007)

A hitman movie so efficient you wouldn't know it ever existed.

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