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5 quotes from Michael Winner films that show how much he'll be missed

5 quotes from Michael Winner films that show how much he'll be missed
As the movie world mourns director, restaurant critic and stickler for calmness Michael Winner, who died yesterday aged 77, we pluck five lines from his films at random from IMDb's "memorable quotes" pages to demonstrate the gaping hole his death leaves in cinema. Ideally there would have been ten, but after five we needed a shower.
1. The Stone Killer (1973)

Matthews: (sees Lipper's corpse) What hit him?
Detective Lt. Lou Torrey: A complete state of death.
2. You Must Be Joking! (1965)

Morton: It was only your ducks I wanted.
3. Dirty Weekend (1993)

The Bitter One: Let's 'ave a look at Granny's fanny!
4. Death Wish II (1982)

Paul Kersey: You believe in Jesus?
Stomper: Yes, I do.
Paul Kersey: Well, you're gonna meet him.
(Paul shoots Stomper dead)
5. Death Wish (1974)

Freak #1: Cunts! I KILL RICH CUNTS!
Rest in peace, Michael. The restaurant reviewing world will miss you.

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That was weird!
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