5 things worth noticing on the new Transformers 3 poster


19th April 2011

This new super-wide poster for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon doesn't give a lot away. That's why we put on our detectobot hats to uncover 5 incredible observations that may have passed you by...

Click the image for super-wide version

Your new favourite transforming friend vehicle - Scaly! Scaly loves sunsets, long walks on the beach, surf guitar and destroying American military hardware in slow motion explosions.

Even the most battle-hardened robowarrior has to take pride in his appearance, and what better way to wipe the oil of defeated foes from your chest than a lovely set of windscreen wiper nipples?

Is it a person jumping between burning buildings? A plane crashing? Whatever it is, this mystery object is sure to play a crucial role in the plot, and isn't just a piece of crap shunted in the background because not enough things were on fire.

WHY HAVEN'T THEY GOT RUB-TO-REVEAL DECALS LIKE THE TOYS DID WHEN I WAS LITTLE??? I really feel it would add an extra dimension if Optimus had to keep telling the Autobots off for trying to rub each other's chests.

No amount of garish red and purple livery can disguise the fact that the saviour of humankind has a stubby little robocock. But at least we know what that energon sword is compensating for.

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