50 Muppets and their real-life acting counterparts


31st May 2011

40. Baskerville

Baskerville / Jack McBrayer
39. Uncle Deadly

Uncle Deadly / Sir Ian McKellen
38. Bubba the Rat

Bubba the Rat / Jonah Hill
37. Bean Bunny

Bean Bunny / Michael Cera
36. The Newsman

The Newsman / Will Ferrell
35. Dr. Phil van Neuter

Dr. Phil van Neuter / Stephen Merchant
34. Mulch

Mulch / Mark Wahlberg
33. Dr. Julius Strangepork

Dr. Julius Strangepork / Donald Sutherland
32. Doglion

Doglion / Mike Myers
31. Thog

Thog / Forest Whitaker

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