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8 ways The Avengers can appear in Iron Man 3 (without appearing)

8 ways The Avengers can appear in Iron Man 3 (without appearing)
"Nothing's been the same since New York" says Tony Stark in the first trailer for Iron Man 3, before having a very bad day. With the arrival of a new trailer this week it doesn't look like his situation has improved much - so why aren't his Avenger superfriends lending a hand? Writer-director Shane Black has probably got this covered, but just in case he missed Avengers Assemble at the cinema, here are some ways Thor, Hulk and co. can be shoe-horned into the film at short notice without having to assemble the expensive cast!
Archive footage on the news

Via a phone call


Behind hanging washing

At night

Facebook updates

Really far away

Post-it notes

Or maybe there'll be a mass cameo after the credits, who knows?

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Posted by Ben at 17:52 on 09/03/13
A very small rumour.
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