Blogalongabond #20: Die Another Day


6th September 2012

This month's Blogalongabond sees us waving goodbye to Pierce Brosnan, which is as good an excuse as any to post a link to this infamous clip from Taffin - after all, it is a handy summary of what it feels like to watch Die Another Day, what with all the in your face effects and all that. Alison Doody handled the Brosrage quite well, I thought.

I'll keep this brief because we're already late. Originally I wasn't going to make a game at all, because Die Another Day is a really, really poor Bond effort and it kind of sapped the energy out of me just thinking about it. I'm sure some clever screenwritery film geek will come along and lay down the law about the subtle nuances or something, but if there were any that flipping invisible car made them difficult to see. How deliciously ironic!

Anyway, the game. You just need to see how long you can keep Bond in the air, using updrafts from heat given out by penguins sitting on ice sheets. It wouldn't surprise me to learn there's a deleted scene where this actually happens. Pro-tip: when Bond is in the air, the shadow is directly under him - use that to aim your parasailboardthing. Thank Christ next this month is Casino Royale.

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