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Christmas Playlist: The Best Of 2013

Christmas Playlist: The Best Of 2013
It's Christmas, apparently, not that you'd notice. So here's The Shiznit's present to you: a shiny Spotify playlist of the best bits of movie music from 2013. It was that or a PS4, but we knew you'd rather have the chance to listen to the Iron Man Three theme again than receive the world's most advanced games console for free.
It's been a great year for movie scores - the original version of this playlist was twice as long, and you've no idea how much it pained me to lose that terrific cue from Bullet To The Head. So here, for you to listen to while you stuff your stupid face with more food than you can ever hope to digest, is a sample of what you could have heard in the cinema in 2013 if only you hadn't been munching on nachos and chatting about what happened on Strictly last week. Enjoy, and Merry Bloody Christmas!

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