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Cut-out-and-keep Attack The Block slang reference cards

Cut-out-and-keep Attack The Block slang reference cards
With Attack The Block currently attacking the box office here in the UK, and director Joe Cornish rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty, it seems a US release of our new favourite sci-fi-horror-com is inevitable. So in order to prepare our overseas chums for the onslaught of yoot speak soon to be assaulting their ears, we've prepared this handy set of cut-out-and-keep slang reference cards.








There. You're now fully qualified to converse with the residents of your local 'block'. Don't blame us if you get stabbed, bruv.

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Posted by Ben at 01:17 on 23/05/11
I love the word 'Merked' ever since Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups. That was some special television.
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