Eleven things about Hemlock Grove

Ed Williamson

18th April 2013

While browsing Digital Spy today I noticed a feature called 'Ten things about Henry Cavill'. Not 'ten remarkable things', you'll notice. Just things. Inside I found what was essentially his Wikipedia page split into a ten-strong bullet list with exclamation marks added. So if there's no need to pretend your points have value as long as they're in a list, it stands to reason that a longer list means a better feature. Here, then, are eleven things about Hemlock Grove.

Hemlock is a poisonous plant!

Conium is a genus of one or two species of highly poisonous perennial herbaceous flowering plants in the family Apiaceae! Native to Europe and the Mediterranean region as Conium maculatum (known popularly as Hemlock)! And to southern Africa as Conium chaerophylloides!
The word Grove is also in the word Grover!

Grover Cleveland is the only US President to have served two non-consecutive terms!
Hemlock Grove is on Netflix, which is a video-on-demand service!

We like demanding videos, but sometimes the shop-owners get a bit frightened of us!
Eli Roth has something to do with Hemlock Grove!

Eli Roth has been in a few Quentin Tarantino films, and Quentin Tarantino has famously never married!
Dougray Scott is in it!

Three other people called Doug, Ray and Scott are snooker's Doug Mountjoy, singing's Ray Parker Jr and quantum physics's Scott Bakula!
Byker Grove was another Grove!

But - in stark contrast to Hemlock Grove, which is in Pennsylvania - Byker Grove was in Newcastle! Upon Tyne!
There's someone in it called Landon Liboiron!

Liberian Girl was a 1989 hit for Michael Jackson!
It debuts on Netflix on the 19th of April!

The 19th of April is also the birthday of West Ham goalkeeper Jussi Jääskeläinen!
It's based on a book by Brian McGreevy!

Another famous book is Gulliver's Travels, by Gulliver!
Hemlock Grove star Famke Janssen's last name rhymes with dancin'!

So does Ted Danson's!
It's a horror series!

Southend-on-Sea band The Horrors got to number 34 in 2007 with the song 'Gloves'!
Here's a video of Brazilian footballer Socrates scoring in the 1982 World Cup! The philosopher Socrates died by eating Hemlock! Tell us what you think about anything you can possibly imagine in the comments below!

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