Even these horrible poster traditions improve the World War Z poster


11th November 2012

Never has a world ravaged by zombie warfare seemed so dull.

Zombies are so now. We have The Walking Dead, the Resident Evil films and Charlie Sheen to thank for that. And now the latest in a long line of stuttering undead movies comes in the form of this Brad Pitt-starring adaptation of a best-selling novel.

The book, World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War, consists of several different accounts of survival during this flesh-eating apocalypse. As this trailer shows though, it seems that Brad Pitt lives through all of the stories. Because he's Brad Pitt. Just look at his hair.

That's right - in this film, zombies are CGI rabbles of easily-disposed pixels. But between the mass killing and mass destruction, it's strange to see that World War Z gets a dull blunder of a poster. After all the complaining we do about poster clich├ęs, any of them would be better than this one-sheet that seems to suck all the joy out of brain-feasting monsters.

So I've improved it:

Hover your mouse over the image

This is a zombie film I want to see. SPARKS.

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