Everything you need to know about That's My Boy from the cast list


7th September 2012

Why bother going to see That's My Boy this weekend? Just take a look at the hilarious cast of characters on the movie's IMDB page: the film practically writes itself!

In our admin system there's an unfinished rant, half-written by me, titled 'An open letter to Adam Sandler': it was going to be one of those intervention-style 'Please realise what you are doing is wrong and that you are hurting people who love you'-type pleas for him to stop making terrible movies - you know, the bread and butter of the internet. Anyway, I never finished it, because Sandler released Jack & Jill, which I think says more about his recent output than I ever could (unrelated but quite possibly actually completely related fact: it had a budget of $79 million dollars).

Sandler's movies speak for themselves these days and can usually be summed up in one awful, 70s-sitcom-friendly pitch: Man pretends to be married to best friend to sleep with hot chick, man has identical twin sister, man is just basically a massive fucking prick.

That's My Boy hits cinemas this week, and Sandler has become so predictable, you can get the same pleasure from scanning down the list of cast and characters as you would watching the actual film: it's the usual combination of Z-list cameos and utterly baffling, puerile stereotypes and wildly tangential 'wacky' characters bussed in for one pitiful joke. Look.

Just imagine the zany scrapes these cunts are going to get into. Then go and see a different film instead.

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