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Fight For Your Right Revisited

Fight For Your Right Revisited
I was all set to use my unparalleled exclusive access as an iTunes customer to review the new Beastie Boys short film that came with their new album, but then I realised it was on YouTube and you could watch it for free. Durr.
Here it is, then: Fight For Your Right Revisited, a musical skit featuring every famous comedian in the world, but particularly Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride as the Beasties in full on 'Licence To Ill' mode.

So basically, half an hour of A-list dicking about. I'm not sure there was ever really any point in putting this together other than having a right old laugh, and I guess that comes across in the vid. At some point, we've all wanted to walk down a New York street in slow-motion while wearing a VW badge and tossing fizzed-up cans of Bud at passers-by. Right?

What I find a little weird is the relentless celeb cameos in this sort of thing. I get that everyone in Hollywood is best friends and cliquey and willing to rub each down/suck each other off [delete as applicable] to help each other out, but it seems sort of pointless in this case.

How do you think this was sold to Rainn Wilson? "Rainn, we've got a great part for you. You play a pedestrian who gets jizzed on by Danny McBride." What did Jason Schwartzman get out of this? "Jason, we wrote this part for you: a customer at a restaurant with a bandage on his head who looks a little put out." Christ knows why Steve Buscemi turned up. The credits suggest people like Alicia Silverstone and Shannyn Sossamon were in it too, but I'll be buggered if I remember them.

Well, it's better than The Rocker.

Still, you can't be too hard on a short film that climaxes with the Beastie Boys pissing into their future selves' mouths during a dance-off. If it accomplishes anything, it should be to make you buy the new album, 'Hot Sauce Committee: Part II' which I can confirm is totally ace. You get Fight For Your Right Revisited for free too, but I'm not really sure why that should matter now.

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