First Iron Man 3 set pic shows Tony Stark in reflective mood


6th June 2012

The first image from the set of Iron Man 3 has been released, and it's a moody one, with Tony Stark facing away from camera and taking stock of his life. Ooh, mysterious. Or is it?

Though it seems like mere minutes since we last saw Tony Stark in action, we won't have to wait long to see another Iron Man movie: Shane Black's threequel has just started shooting and the drip-feed of media has already begun. This first official set photograph is a great way to kick things off in a low-key manner - Tony intentionally has his back turned and is obscured by the clapperboard to build excitement. He's too cool to look at the camera.

Click for gigantovision

Except, look a little closer at this massive picture, and...

Peekaboo, Mr Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist!

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