Five possible easter eggs in the latest Man Of Steel trailer


31st May 2013

Because, let's face it – comic-book fans will only be happy if they can spot unnecessary nods and homages in the film to prove that they can appreciate it on a much better level than your average cinema-going shitmuncher.

We haven’t really covered the barrage of recent Man Of Steel trailers. Mainly because Ali is still undergoing his probably fruitless Superman Project, but also because the rest of us are lazy and I’ve just been really busy and had a lot of important people to see and interesting places to go… Ok fine, I’ve mostly just been lounging in my pyjamas rewatching Lost from the beginning. But here's the last theatrical trailer anyway.

And so it occurs to me that, just as LexCorp can be spotted in the first trailer, this one could also contain a ton of interesting easter eggs that we just haven't realised yet, only to be confirmed by some production designer six years down the line. Well, here’s some that I think I may have definitely spotted that probably don’t really exist.

This jumble of static and electrical interference probably contains a hidden message of some sort. If you rearrange the pixels, does it reveal an explanation for how Batman survives the bomb blast at the end of The Dark Knight Rises? Or maybe it just spells 'MARVEL SUX'?

If you view this in extra-ultra-super-high-definition, you’ll be able to zoom into a window of one of those skyscrapers and spot Dean Cain waving and giving a quick salute to you for being so clever as to think to look for him.

In a fan-gasmic comic-book crossover, the fighter pilot in this scene eventually manages to parachute away while muttering "how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?"… revealing himself to be the very same fighter pilot that was attacked by the Hulk in The Avengers!

In a nice nod to the original and best movie Superman, one of these prop skulls is modelled on Christopher Reeves’ actual head. The rest of the bones were originally modelled on his skeleton too but were switched out at the last minute for fear of being in bad taste.

In amongst this mess of space debris and chaos, there’s probably an R2-D2 somewhere. Y'know, because directors love putting him in shit.
So there we have it. Keep your eye out for more clever homages when watching the film in order to increase your enjoyment of it by approximately 17%. Or just make stuff up. That's fun too.

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