Hidden message found in poster for The Following

Ed Williamson

9th December 2012

With added sideboob, because serial killing can be sexy too.

Kevin Bacon's The Following looks fairly exciting, if only for the sure prospect of seeing him all haunted and conflicted and banging on interrogation desks being all like, "WHERE IS SHE?" one minute, then mugging like a goon doing Paul Daniels impressions on the EE adverts as soon as the ad break starts.

This poster for it makes use of one of the TV/film serial killer's favourite hobbies: covering a room or person with cryptic handwritten text, say Bible quotes or the writings of De Sade, that sort of thing. You know, so two FBI guys can walk around the room or corpse and the tightly-wound guy's like, "He's nuts! Let's hit the street and crack some heads!" but the younger, more thoughtful one's like, "But imagine the discipline this takes. He's calm. Methodical." And so on.

In this case it's all been written on a semi-naked woman, which must have taken a while and a decent stock of felt-tips. But look closer and you'll see a hidden message.

Click to zoom in.
Anyway, so back to the FBI guys, the first one's like, "What is that, some sorta freakin' college boy shit? I been putting these bastards away for twenty years, and they're all the same to me."

If I have one hope for The Following, it's that the first guy will actually turn out to be right for once.

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