If movie stars opened restaurants


30th August 2011

In frankly believable news, Mark Wahlberg and his brother Donnie have come up with the masterstroke of opening a fast food restaurant called 'Wahlburgers', presumably with Mark's name above the door and Donnie flipping burgers. They were going to call it 'Mark & Donnie's Delicious Beef Patties In Baps' until a wittier title was suggested.

With fast food and wordplay on the menu, 'Wahlburgers' will surely kickstart a Hollywood trend: A-list actors opening their own restaurants with hilarious puns in their names... (*dream sequence graphics*)

Breakfast like they have back in sweet home Alabama.

This couldn't have been a coincidence, it just couldn't have been.

Service with a smile wouldn't kill her.

Pricey, but I hear the waitresses are super hot.

You should try the Yentl burger.

He didn't really want to play Bond anyway.

Not open on Mondays. He hates Mondays.

Fact: Benedict has never heard of Cumberland sausages.

I hear his Bacon is particularly good.

I would pay good money to eat at each and every one of these venues. Except maybe Benedict's Cucumber Hatch. Those rumours are pretty hard to ignore.

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