Jurassic Park Week: 10 best Jurassic Park viral videos


21st September 2011

You could spent hours watching all of the fan-made videos of Jurassic Park online and, in among the retarded dinosaur impressions and clips with terrible audio, you might find something really funny. But why waste your time doing that when we've gathered all the best clips for you?

10. Jurassic Park in 2 minutes

'Sweded', in the style of the good bits from Be Kind Rewind.

9. Driving Miss Daisy to the Park

I don't like the look of that old dinosaur. Or the T-Rex! LOL!1

8. Electric Fence 1 Alan Grant 0

The power was on.

7. Ian Malcolm: Film Reviewer

It's funny because it's true.

6. Wassuuuuuuup

How come people stopped doing this?

Musical interlude - We've Got Dodgson

We're halfway through. Need a little break to regain your composure?

Ready to go on? Then be warned, it gets funnier and more disturbing from here on.

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