Jurassic Park Week: Jurassic Park Blu-ray changes revealed


23rd September 2011

Luke originally knocked this article out a few months ago, when the Jurassic Park Blu-ray boxset was announced. Since then, George Lucas had another tinker with the Star Wars Blu-ray, making these cosmetic adjustments look terrifyingly feasible - they certainly tricked a few of you when I tweeted them in mock horror some time later. Anyway, it's Jurassic Park Week, and this is Jurassic Park related, so it's in.

We knew Steven Spielberg wouldn't be able to resist making a few "improvements" to his classic dino-romp for the recently announced Blu-ray release, but nobody could have predicted he'd go this far...

A hybrid? Sure it's eco-friendly but can it match the top speed of a T. Rex?

Guess the dilophosaurus was too cute so Spielberg ramped up the evil the only way he knows how. Where'd it get the hat from?

"You know what would give me the energy to out-run a dinosaur?" Digitally inserted product placement looks set to be the next big thing.

That Spielberg, he's all about the synergy. (*meshes fingers*)

"It's a Facebook system... I KNOW this!" Pressing a button on your remote here updates your status on 27 different social networking websites.

Putting flowers and walkie talkies in E.T. is one thing, but a full-blown crossover takes the biscuit.

More of everything it seems. Well I guess a few more dinosaurs can't hurt, can it?
RAWR! This week on TheShiznit.co.uk is Jurassic Park Week, because it's my favourite film ever and it's getting a limited theatrical re-release on the 23rd September. Be sure to pre-order the Blu-ray boxset, which is released on 24th October.

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