Let's all play the Seth MacFarlane Oscars Bingo game!


21st February 2013

"Wow, Seth MacFarlane is hosting the Oscars! That's exciting - he's so edgy. What a refreshing and original choice". Well, you say that now, but wait until he fights a guy in a chicken suit on stage for 15mins.

It's fair to say that, by now, we've all grown wise to MacFarlane's particular comedy schtick. It's usually a mixture of tasteless, mildly offensive jokes about any minority group and/or form of abuse and/or sex. But when he was given the gig of hosting the Oscars, we all wondered how his brand of humour could possibly translate to such a massive mainstream platform.

Luckily, thanks to his terrible, forced Hitler gag during the announcement of this year's Academy Award nominees, we were all given a clue about what to expect from MacFarlane during the actual ceremony: the exact same thing he always does.

So, let's play a game. Use the not-in-any-way-cut-out-and-keep Bingo scorecard below to keep track of MacFarlane's comedy trajectory throughout the evening's proceedings. The first to cry "HOUSE" wins a prize: the knowledge that they probably know how to play Bingo better than the rest of us. Then everyone does a shot. Because that's how these games work, right?

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