Let's check in with Once Upon a Time, shall we?

Ed Williamson

26th January 2012

See, I was already 100% sure I didn't want to watch a show about fairytales starring Dr Cameron off House even before Channel 5 picked it up to air in the Spring. But fair's fair: let's have a quick look and see how it's getting on in the States by way of a series of oddly low-res images I nicked off Digital Spy.

OK, so there's a pigeon. Fine so far.

Hansel and Gretel look a bit shocked. Yes, I think I can deal with this. (*settles in to watch*)

The fuck is this?

Why is Jim Robinson doing green-screen work? Is he filming his motion capture scenes for Rise of the Planet of the Jim Robinsons? And why is he wearing a Ferrero Rocher wrapper for a shirt?

Wait, I've seen this episode before. Think it was on the internet somewhere. I won't lie to you: it doesn't end pleasantly.

Oh right, it's a Tim Burton thing. Definitely not watching it then.
Nope, still not interested.

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