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Make your very own Nicolas Collage with our interactive playset

Nic Cage is in a new film released today (it's The Frozen Ground, before you start searching the cinema listings for Con Air 2)! You may have heard we're big fans of Nic Cage. What we're not fans of, however, are Friday afternoons stuck in the stifling heat. And we're guessing neither are you. So to pass the time we've made this: our interactive 'Nicolas Collage' Nic Cage collage creator!
In the same vein as our Avengers and Pacific Rim playsets, simply drag and drop objects onto the scene, rotate them, scale them, etc. When you're done hit 'Finish!' to generate your 'Nicolas Collage', share with the world on Facebook and Twitter, save it down to your desktop - whatever you want to do!

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