New Walking Dead poster will mess with your sense of perspective

Matt Looker

20th January 2012

I am an easily confused man.

A new poster for The Walking Dead has been released advertising the zombie-bashing show's post-hiatus return. The problem is, the image on the poster is of star Andrew Lincoln pointing his gun directly at the camera/viewer, and whenever this kind of view happens on a 2D surface, perspective kind of goes out the window.

Look really closely and...doesn't it look like Lincoln has a funny, shrunken...dare I say, gimpy...arm? Look:

Click to view larger
It's not just me, is it? If so, that's embarrassing. Especially as I used the word 'gimpy'.

But then, I realise there's another explanation. I've revisited old screenshots from the series and, the more I see, the more I think Andrew Lincoln may actually just have a really small right arm.
Fairly conclusive, I'd say.

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