Notorious photobomber returns for Captain Phillips poster


27th July 2013

Oh noes, not this guy again!

It was all going so well. Critically-acclaimed director Paul Greengrass films Oscar-winning Tom Hanks in a ‘based on real events’ movie about Captain Phillips, a guy who was taken hostage by Somali Pirates. It’s serious stuff, telling a terrifying, harrowing tale that’s sure to garner lots of attention come awards season.

But then they released a poster and this guy happened.

Of course we all recognise the face – the mysterious photobomber who has invaded many, many movie posters throughout the years. No one knows who he is or how he manages to get access to these promotional materials, but his anarchic agenda has ruined several good poster campaigns.

Lest we forget his previous misdemeanours, let’s refresh our memories with some of his other best movie poster photobombs.

Obviously it’s easy to laugh when we see him on a poster and we can all have a bit of fun as a result, but we mustn’t forget that his actions are ruining real work and the tireless efforts of very talented poster designers.

Here’s hoping he gets caught soon, otherwise who knows when he’ll next pop up and spoil another good one-sheet. Will he be in the background of the next Hunger Games poster? Or worse, the Muppets sequel? It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

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