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Pedantics' Corner: Correcting the Zero Dark Thirty poster tagline

Pedantics' Corner: Correcting the Zero Dark Thirty poster tagline
Yes, I know it should be 'Pedants' Corner'.
A new poster has been released for Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow’s forthcoming film about hunting down Osama bin Laden and killing him in cold blood (there’s probably some Middle East politics stuff in there too). But I just can’t explain what’s wrong with the tagline. It reads:

For ten years, one woman never stopped searching for the most wanted man in history.
Is it me, or is that too many time periods in one sentence? One woman has never stopped searching for ten years? And is he the most wanted man throughout history, or the most wanted man out of all the wanted men throughout history? Gah, my brain has just done a funk.

So, it might be correct technically, but I think there’s just a small, tiny bit of confusing oddness that makes it seem a bit off. I told you I couldn’t explain it.

So, for clarity’s sake alone, I have come up with an alternative tagline that I think makes more sense:

Hover your mouse over the image

There, that’s better. Right, so this film looks good, eh?

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