Play hide and seek with the new poster for Alcatraz

Matt Looker

5th January 2012

...8...9...10! Ready or not, here come Sam Neill, some woman and the fat one from Lost!

Marketing for JJ Abrams new mystifying sci-fi headscratcher Alcatraz has picked up, especially now that we have an air date over here in the UK (March 6th on Watch - mark your diaries. Or, y'know, don't). The show is about the mysterious disappearance of Alcatraz inmates and (mostly) Sam Neill's attempts to recover them.

And so here's a new poster boasting the tagline "302 vanished. 3 must find them" and what seems to be the three main stars actually looking around to see if they can find their magically disappeared Alcatraz convicts. All of which has me thinking: will each episode just be one big game of hide and seek?

So, I'll just leave this here.

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