Rejected poster taglines for the new Red Dwarf series

Matt Looker

11th September 2012

The boys from Red Dwarf are back! No need to smoke them a kipper - it looks like they've eaten ALL OF THE BREAKFASTS.

Like any fanboy of any geek thing, I have an unwavering love for Red Dwarf. When it went a bit stale and they brought back Kochanski, I stood by it. When they changed the entire formula of the show and brought the whole crew of Red Dwarf back to life, I shrugged it off. When Dave commissioned a three-part story that blurred the lines between fiction and reality in some kind of confused Blade Runner homage, I... well, I scratched my head like everyone else.

Of course, I didn't really laugh through any of these episodes. But what does that matter?

And now the crew are back, no longer shipwrecked and comatose, with six new episodes looking for a return to form and a live studio audience helping to provide some kind of atmosphere.

It's a shame then that we get this poster as the first promotional material for the series:

A hotchpotch job of Photoshop and 'spacey stuff', but you can't deny that it serves as a welcome reminder at how funny Red Dwarf can be, all thanks to that tagline.

Mind you, as these rejected versions show, it took them a few tries to get the poster just right:


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