Saturday Playlist: Henry Jackman

Neil Alcock

2nd November 2013

With the first trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past curling out onto the internets this week, it seemed like as good a time as any to celebrate the music of that film's prequel's score's composer, right? I mean when else are we gonna celebrate Henry Jackman? Apart from, say, the other week when Captain Phillips came out and he did the score for that. Sure, that would have been more appropriate, but also too obvious, and that's definitely why I didn't put this playlist together two weeks ago when we were desperate for something to put on the site. And not because I was having a marathon Doctor Who catch-up.

Anyway the benefit of doing this now is that hopefully you've had the chance to watch the amazing Cap'n Phil, and appreciate the almost undiluted Zimmerness of Henry "Not Hugh" Jackman's pounding score. You'll obviously be wanting to hear more of his stuff, and that's where I come in, for I have compiled a selection of Not Hugh's greatest hits for your listening delight. So shut up, stop what you're doing and have a go on this little lot. I promise it's the only playlist you've heard this week with Winnie The Pooh in it.

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