Saturday Playlist: Nice score, shame about the film

Neil Alcock

28th September 2013

If, like me, you fondly remember The Incredible Suit's astoundingly popular series of film music playlists with misty eyes and bulging trousers, then I've got good news: they're back! In an attempt to port over some of my previous blog's class and sophistication to The Shiznit, we recently made the decision to reboot the Saturday Playlist feature for a wider, sexier audience. That's you lot. Well, most of you. Some of you. Not that guy there though, eurgh.

Desperately scratching around for a theme around which to build this playlist, Ali suggested great scores from rubbish films, inspired as he was by R.I.P.D. "I don't know that it does have a great score," he said in his own professional, learned way, "but I'm almost certain it's a rubbish movie." He was half right: as it turns out, R.I.P.D.'s score is in fact as bad as the film, poorly emulating Danny Elfman's Batman music and the Mission: Impossible theme in only the minute or so through which I put myself. As such, R.I.P.D. does not appear on the playlist it inspired.

What you will hear are some "choice" "cuts" from some proper stinkers, including 1967's Casino Royale, Batman And Robin and Man Of Steel, which is a huge sweaty turd despite what Ali's own bafflingly generous review says. This playlist also includes Cutthroat Island, which I reluctantly include because while it's widely regarded as a turkey, it is in fact a masterclass in '90s action filmmaking. But the music is aces, so in it goes.

Anyway enough waffle: wrap your ears around the first Shiznit Saturday Playlist, and feel free to suggest further playlist topics in the comments below. We can't be expected to think of everything, Jesus.

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