Six British actors who might be in Game of Thrones season two

Ed Williamson

2nd April 2012

With season two of Game of Thrones premiererating on Sky Atlantic tonight, it's time for me to pretend I was on board from the start and make like I can discuss it with any authority whatsoever.

One thing I noticed when watching Game of Thrones season one last month was how many bit-part British actors were in it. Grouty off Porridge playing an old blind guy. Jerome Flynn playing a dude with a sword who likes to defend dwarves. Peter Mannion MP from The Thick of It playing a beard. A bloke who was once in a Tic Tacs advert playing a guy who tries to poison Daenerys Targaryen and ends up chained to a horse, walking through the desert with his knob out as punishment.

They all seemed so incongruous. So given the secrecy surrounding season two, and the fact that it was mainly filmed near Belfast, it seems to me that practically ANY British actor could crop up in it from this point onwards and it would make perfect sense. Any one of these six, for example.
Frank Burnside off The Bill

Kryten off Red Dwarf

Timothy Claypole off Rentaghost

Robson Green

Jason Statham

Beppe from Eastenders

To clarify: I'm not saying they definitely will be in it. There's at least a chance they won't.

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