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Ten Reasons To Love Director Uwe Boll

Ten Reasons To Love Director Uwe Boll
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One of the extras on the Region 1 BloodRayne DVD was entitled "Dinner with Uwe". It consisted of some journalists from IGN eating a Thai takeaway - with the takeaway boxes visible on the Ikea table, next to the wine glasses and a trying-too-hard candlestick - while talking about the movie. This would be the most deranged extra ever contained on a DVD, were it not for the 'deleted scenes' option on BloodRayne 2, which is actually 20 minutes of a man painting part of the set in silence, filmed on what looks like a Handicam. Baffling.

Dinner with Uwe Boll

FROM: SEED (2007)
Seed is one of Boll's non-computer game movies. It's an original story about capital punishment, serial killers, and generally the fact that humanity is a bit crap. At one point, a serial killer who has inexplicably escaped execution - surviving multiple electrocutions and being buried alive - tracks down the wife of one of the executioners, ties her to a chair, and then bashes her head in with a hammer. The scene is all one shot, but I defy anyone to actually watch the whole thing. Before long you'll be cringing as each hammer blow falls, and just hoping it'll all be over soon. Watch the trailer through your fingers.

Postal had one hell of a strong opening scene, but the finale doesn't disappoint either. After launching a full-scale nuclear attack, bin Laden and George W. Bush hold hands and skip across a field together into the sunset. The nuclear sunset. With an enormous mushroom cloud in the background. Boll's politics may not be moderate, and his filmmaking may not be subtle, but what's wrong with a good hard punch in the guts every now and then? Look out Michael Moore! Catch the unholy union in this teaser trailer (plus Mini-Me getting bummed by a chimp).

The firefight in House of the Dead is, for lack of a better word, jaw-dropping. There's a heavy metal soundtrack, tons of zombies and lots and lots of guns. Better still, there's plenty of low-budget bullet time, buckets of gore and scenes of actual videogame footage spliced into the action (when characters die, the screen fades to red). So many things in this scene qualify for this list, but the best part is when a character's gun morphs in her hands as the angle changes - one moment she's holding a pistol, the next she's got a shotgun. Now that's editing!

This tops everything everyone else in the universe has ever done, or will ever do. Uwe Boll issued an invitation to his online critics: put up or shut up. Anyone who'd published negative reviews or comments about him online was invited to fly up to Vancouver and go three rounds in the boxing ring with Boll. Their travel and accommodation would be paid for, and they'd get walk on parts in Postal. Boll even mentioned some of the harsher IMDB posters by name, but surprisingly, none of them fancied getting their acne-scarred asses kicked by an experienced boxer. In the end, he fought one guy in Spain, and a further four in Vancouver. He beat them all. With his fists and his talent. Genius.

Article by Sarah Dobbs. For the latest sci-fi news and reviews and general geek nirvana, head over to DenOfGeek.com


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