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The best of #ThorInLondon

The best of #ThorInLondon
The release of the first teaser for Thor: The Dark World revealed that one of the film's thrilling locations was ye olde London Town, home of this very blog what it is that you are reading. Taking my cue from this flimsy starting point, I achieved a lifelong ambition by creating a Twitter hashtag that didn't die a death within five minutes: #ThorInLondon. And then, to push my luck even further, I made a whole blog post out of it. Coming soon, Thor In London: The Movie Of The Blog Post Of The Hashtag Of The Trailer Of The Movie.
I kicked things off...

And the other Shiznit guys followed...

After that it was simply a matter of hoping somebody would play along, preferably Tom Hiddleston. But that didn't happen, so I had to make do with this lot. Let the twilarity commence!

And because I am such an unbearable arse, here's the one I was most pleased with:

What? It's my blog, I'll do what I like. Right Ali?

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