The solid gold twats of The Apprentice 2018, in their own words

Becky Suter

26th September 2018

It's not business, it's war - or, more specifically, it's a bunch of bum-licking bellends in suits making bad analogies. Lord Alan Sugar is back to bark at more briefcase wankers, and I'm back to pass judgement because I've got nothing else better to do. Let's meet the contestants of the 2018 series of The Apprentice and hear from them in their own words!

Alex Finn - IT Analyst

Frank Brooks - Senior Marketing Manager

Camilla Ainsworth - Owner, Nut Milk Brand

Tom Bunday - Owner, Tree Surgery Firm

Sarah Byrne - Owner, Children's Acting Academy

Sabrina Stocker - Owner, Tennis Events Company

Rick Monk - Quality Controller

Kurran Pooni - Law Graduate

Kayode Damali - Professional Speaker

Jackie Fast - Sponsorship Consultant

Jasmine Kundra - Learning and Development Officer

Khadija Kalifa - Owner, Eco Cleaning Company

Sarah Ann Magson - Solicitor

Sian Gabbidon - Owner, Swimwear Brand

David Alden - Tax Advisor

Daniel Elahi - Owner, Lifestyle Brand

Next week: the absolute worst Facebook profile photos from everyone who has ever been on Pointless.

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