The story of Iron Man's receding hairline: a photo journal


24th April 2012

Have you ever noticed that Iron Man has a receding hairline? Even though he's just a metallic exo-skeleton? You'd have thought Tony Stark would have given his superhero alter-ego a virile head of robo-hair.

He may be a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, but when it comes to being a superHAIRo [pause for laughter], Iron Man is seriously folically-challenged. Tony Stark? Immaculately groomed and coiffured at all times. Iron Man? The Wayne Rooney of The Avengers. It's little wonder he's always looking so grumpy in all of his promotional stills.

Having a receding hairline is starting to affect his confidence. Even when he's among trusted work colleagues, Iron Man still feels like the butt of all the Avengers' in-jokes. Who can blame him with friends like these?

It's not like he can even go the whole hog and shave it all off. There's another guy in his social circles currently rocking the bald look.

No, there's really only one way Iron Man can salvage his pride and still remain on the cutting edge of technology and style: HATS. LOTS OF HATS. Expect to see these and more in Iron Man 3.


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